What is SurviLapse?

SurviLapse is a managed service that creates time-lapse videos.

What can SurviLapse be used for?

Most of our clients use SurviLapse to create time-lapse videos of constructions. Here are some examples where the time-lapse videos created by SurviLapse is integrated into a presentation:

Who uses SurviLapse?

SurviLapse References

What is needed to use SurviLapse?

  • On-Site Electricity
  • A Camera
  • A Data Connection
  • A SurviLapse Server

On-Site Electricity

Most sites have an electricity source, but not all. For those that don’t, we have a solar-powered system available.

A Camera

We provide cameras that are weather and vandal proof. In addition, the cameras we use have changeable lenses, which means that we will always find the lens that produces the best possible image for your project and budget.

A Data Connection

We can either use an existing on-site data connection, or we can use mobile data networks. In case of mobile data networks, we can provide what is needed.

A SurviLapse Server

This is the heart of the system where everything happens. As images are uploaded from the camera to our SurviLapse Server, they are then processed to serve the client’s time-lapse video requirements. This includes:

  • Automatically showing the latest uploaded image
  • Automatically showing up-to-date time-lapse videos based on weeks and/or months

Behind the scenes, the SurviLapse Server monitors the functioning of the system. In case of image uploads being missed, we are notified and can find out why this is. This guarantees that the time-lapse videos is complete.

Click here to see an example of a live project.

How to get SurviLapse

Simply fill in the form below and we will get in contact with you.