What is SurviCam?

SurviCam is a managed service for video surveillance systems.

What can SurviCam be used for?

SurviCam is used to ensure that video surveillance systems are:

1. Recording as required

Video surveillance recordings are (thankfully) rarely used as incidents are limited. On the occasions where recordings are needed, it is vital that the video surveillance systems has actually recorded. It may sound obvious to most people, but video surveillance system owners know that these systems are in fact not always recording. This is because the video surveillance system is often unmanaged by just being a machine somewhere in the local network (or even a stand-alone system) where nobody really knows what it does.

2. Secure from hacks

Video surveillance recordings holds sensible data that includes moving images of employees, customers and sometimes even the general public. It is therefore essential that these recordings don’t fall into the hands of the wrong people. In order to prevent this from happening, it is essential to always secure the system from hackers and intruders.

3. Running on uptodate software

Although often linked to the security of the video surveillance system, keeping the software uptodate allows to always take the most out of your video surveillance system. It makes sure the system can be used with any device (pc, tablet & smartphone) and also unlocks new features depending on the nature of the software update.

Who uses SurviCam?

We manage installations of all sizes for all kinds of businesses and organisations. This ranges from a small clothing store to a 7 level outdoor construction that is open to the public. Some installations has been made by us, while some installations are solely managed by us. Here are some of our clients:
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What is needed to use SurviCam?

  • a video surveillance system
  • a data connection

How to get SurviCam

Simply fill in the form below and we will get in contact with you.